healthy air…

Beautiful lichen, growing slowly and strong in colour

So thankful for our clear healthy air 

Walking this morning the rain fell, the wind gusted into our lungs and gave me tingling energy


Before the soft blue greys caught my eye, my attention was drawn to the glistening raindrops. I think about protective feathers. I first remember collecting natural finds when I was about 3. I called them treasures. In my practice I notice how themes recur and continue to hold fascination throughout our lives.

feathers on a path…

Walking on a path, cradled in a holloway, tree branches curve across overhead

Sunken into the land, green banks of foliage, tree roots, holes in softened bark

Parallel to the road but hidden – the old way, quiet footfall

Looking down underfoot a drift of feathers, quite still

Hues of blues, greys, white and a hint of yellow caught my eye and held it

A pathway for a bird of prey

a path to follow…

Sometimes the unexpected is a way of making connections

Much as the natural world is my focus, the unexpected intervention of colour yesterday reminded me of something

Walking along a muddy path my eye caught a bright fizzing pink. Further along, another..

These dropped love heart sweets, (apart from strong reminders and memories of early days – the taste, the sharing, the sensations of these), evoked a connection about balancing stories, imaginative life and experiences walking – being totally present in the experience of walking.

Hansel and Gretel trailing breadcrumbs to find the path home, markers to map pathways, illuminating treasure in the forests gathering dark. The notions and stories of finding our way through and of unexpected danger lurking. How long though it took to balance that with learning to walk more confidently and sure-footedly and recover a deeper sense of belonging and being part of the reciprocity of wilder places. As a child who loved fairy tales and was frightened by cautionary tales, I was also always so at one within the natural world and concentration on sounds, colours and more sensitive watching and listening are part of this research. Anyway, the colour of sugar pink against muddy charcoal black is on my mind with musings about the practice of walking.

moon and stars…

During this midwinter solstice season the moon and the stars have drawn me in

The last full moon of 2020 was on my birthday and a daily practice during these winter weeks has been to go outside at night and gaze upwards

To think about how small we are, how gloriously vast, beautiful and wonderful the sky and constellations above. To begin to navigate a path across the stars we know and to look at more, not so much to analyse but to experience and to look more deeply – to make time to..

To peep out at different times and see what is there. To stand, wrapped in a blanket and simply stargaze… and hear owls nearby (in autumn time we heard them every night so close and clear)

Sparkling, sprinkled patterns of light, the white and cream moon, scudding clouds and velvet darkness.

We used binoculars to look at the surface of the moon and look for Saturn and Jupiter

Colours of darkness, colours of moon and stars and rings of light…

Always the light and colour of the moon, moving through her cycles and rhythms…

midwinter …

A space.. time to reflect.. the midwinter solstice – to think about the returning light and also to relax gently into the kind dark and think about that too…

A time for hibernation, for sleep and dreams, for stories, for walks gathering green foliage and berries, for feeding the birds and others, for candles by the fire..

For watching the sun rise and set across the skies and standing still to look for longer

watching the sun rise

and within a few hours

watching the sun set

A time for deep gratitude

I saw colours and shared colours

pathways through…

the sense of arrival when reaching the footpath only a few steps from home – cold air, low sharp sun

leaving behind the scent of the woodburner encircling the house

strong light changing and shifting with the cloud cover

the icy rain fell all night, today the birds are hungry – sound of wings in flight crossing the field and a buzzard calling

I am glad of the grey beanie hat I knitted – greys in clouds and sky

Making tracks – mark making

the human footpaths worn with wear and today the tracks of feet sliding in the mud

the desire lines of creatures across the space, their marks and paths

Standing still or walking so gently – the fieldfares need to feed before dusk arrives

Home and the smell of wood – so the colours and tones of greys and oranges today

winter sun colour

sunrises for advent – yesterday and this morning

low sun, scenes to stand and gaze upon and absorb their utter beauty

colours that deepen, intensify, flare and then dissolve

time – making time – to watch what lasts for a short but intense amount of moments

walking in the frost

this morning dawned frosty so the walk was early and together

no written documentation as the shared experience was precious


frosted undulating ground, beautiful soft blending tree colours, sharply contrasting skies


paths through the skies and on the earth

sweet tasting apples – on falling speared by the hedge which caught them