a path to follow…

Sometimes the unexpected is a way of making connections

Much as the natural world is my focus, the unexpected intervention of colour yesterday reminded me of something

Walking along a muddy path my eye caught a bright fizzing pink. Further along, another..

These dropped love heart sweets, (apart from strong reminders and memories of early days – the taste, the sharing, the sensations of these), evoked a connection about balancing stories, imaginative life and experiences walking – being totally present in the experience of walking.

Hansel and Gretel trailing breadcrumbs to find the path home, markers to map pathways, illuminating treasure in the forests gathering dark. The notions and stories of finding our way through and of unexpected danger lurking. How long though it took to balance that with learning to walk more confidently and sure-footedly and recover a deeper sense of belonging and being part of the reciprocity of wilder places. As a child who loved fairy tales and was frightened by cautionary tales, I was also always so at one within the natural world and concentration on sounds, colours and more sensitive watching and listening are part of this research. Anyway, the colour of sugar pink against muddy charcoal black is on my mind with musings about the practice of walking.