neutrals and the rocking of a tree …

An overwhelm of too many images I can’t seem to select from! So, where to start to unravel my thoughts

Lets go back to neutrals – those I wanted to notice before the beauty of Spring blossom distracts my attention

Textures, shapes, tones, patterns – the way the eye notices these more when the colours are more muted. There is restfulness on my eyes and in my brain when I look at neutrals.

Against the pale blue sky I see starlings on a line. I have always loved these birds, their chatter, their characterful interplay, and especially those iridescent colours within what – at first glance – looks like oily black which then sparkles with a myriad of colours. That I like – the initial colour that reveals so many more on a closer look


I like the lines, the marks on a line too. I often think of stitches that resonate with something I see

Twining stems and wrapped stems – another thought of stitch, wrapping, weaving

This time the weather. Hail, so strong the sound of wind preceding the ice roars and we shelter under the trees in the garden as the hailstones forceful power strikes

Standing against the trunk of an apple tree at the bottom of the garden – a tree that fruits with small bright red apples – the kind where the flesh of the apple is tinged with the redness of the skin. It isn’t a large tree and is a little too hidden by a beech and a poplar. I leaned against the trunk and felt it warm and strong on my back. I nestled further in and found a sense that this tree seemed to hold me and as I leant into it I was rocked as it swayed in the wind – gently rocking. The rocking was a balm to a day when my heart was hurting for many reasons and I felt so deeply that connection.