a winter morning…

No filter, just managed to capture the sun on the overnight frosted ground as it gilded the seed heads.

Yesterday evening as twilight turned to darkness, but with a bright moon, I walked the footpath through the field. Frost on the grasses and a crackle of crispness underfoot. My eyes caught a myriad of sparkles of frost-light as the soft dark fell. I whispered to a settling bird.

The sunset had drawn out time – it took its time and held its colour for a long while

I was as quiet as I could be, ready to make sound recordings of the owls calling. Puffs and spirals of my breath rose in the air. Darkness was falling. This was a magical walk, one of those that stays longer in the mind

This morning brought bright sun, clear sky and I stand in a frost hollow looking up at a robin singing. I would love to see the breath of his song..