snow lines…

snowfall – a quiet awakening with soft blue-tinged light at roof windows blanketed with snow… the gentle light remained all day and softened the atmosphere

hungry birds to feed, leaving footprints – some more tracks, half-covered, which could be deer or fox in the night

on the ground borders and edges have disappeared which gives fresh perspectives to ponder

the branches with echoes of their lines weighted, traced, snow lightly suspended

blossom frozen – ice flowers with colour tinges

this one partly wrapped

this one with tiny pink flowering holding fast…

I decided to do some kitchen table work, gazing out, carving marks, whilst my soundtrack was dripping snowmelt and sparrows in the hedge

Practise blocks of lines carved in lino – newly gifted, fitting my hand snuggly with smooth pear-wood handles and arrows on the blades

the prints remind me of end papers in a book