dandelions, buttercups and cowslips..

This post – on Beltane – is all about the yellows

Cowslips in the fields – more this Spring, or is it me looking more carefully. I have been looking inside the flowers as part of a survey and the little orange flecks are a delight.

A frosted dandelion. Many early mornings of frost followed by dry cold sunshine.

They are one of my favourite dye plants – especially for solar dye – for a slow thoughtful dye process as Spring deepens. Never the first flushes – they are needed by pollinators, so watching and waiting a while. The hope and energy of Spring returning.

Walking and watching and waiting in a daily rhythm, the fields then become studded with starry yellow – little suns

…and then, it feels to me like the moon follows the sun and the fields are ethereal with moon globes of seed

In the garden we see birds with little beaks filled with these seed heads and in a never ending long tradition we blow the seeds to tell the time and to remind us about time…

And now buttercups follow and the recent rain has helped them bloom overnight

There are yellow poppies in the garden – I must remember to take some snaps of their crinkled petals…