the cool colours…

Blue forget me nots in my garden sprinkle the ground, tiny blue stars..

Bluebells in the garden and the shaded glades – there are cool woods not so far away but not visited this year, where my eyes scan a hazy sea, glowing and ephemeral..

Trees after some heavy but much needed rain – walking a path looking out over a spectrum of greens and greys

Some vetch spied in the wayside hedgerows peeping out

Clover, beloved by the bees, is starting to flower in our grass and in the fields

I think it is the rain that drew me to look at these cool colours in the stillness that followed, whilst a few days ago it was the creamy white cow parsley dancing in the wind.

I made some field recordings of skylarks rising from the fields nearby. The swallows swoop the old farm buildings and this one was singing and twittering on the wires

And then last week we heard them coming, and lifting our gaze saw the first returning swifts overhead. These are sounds that mark out the turning year for us and are a backdrop to the rhythm of days and evenings and eagerly anticipated.