‘time:make’ sounds…

Kay Swancutt – golden rod naturally dyed yarn

The exhibition ‘time:make’ is now over. An intense week with the joy of sharing work and so many stimulating conversations – this skein of yarn was naturally dyed with golden rod by Kay Swancutt – so vital and glowing in colour and feel. I have been resting and reflecting about it all, but wanted to mention the sound recording element of my work.

I made field recordings of birdsong whilst walking and selected three for this exhibition. Owls calling at dusk and in the night, a chorus of spring song in the field and the swifts swirling around our village. Each quilt pattern was chosen to work with the birdsong. The concept I wanted to achieve was for the viewer to walk towards the work and for the sound to emerge quietly – much as we become aware of birdsong whilst walking outdoors. I have been so fortunate to work with Matthew Olden and am filled with thanks for the quality of his work and his support in realising this dream.

We discussed the ideas I had, and Matthew developed the system. Small sensors picked up the movement of viewers walking by the quilts and this triggered the software he developed which activated the sound of birdsong. It was a steep learning curve for me but so worthwhile and something I will pursue. I do love to balance the old ways and the new. The traditional skills grounded in time and the new technology to enhance and extend the work. A big thank you to Kay Swancutt and Jean Kirk – we have plans to take this exhibition to another place hopefully

The garden called this week – the autumn equinox is today and I have been harvesting food, flowers, seeds – and these rosehips are such a deep colour… New ideas brew

Looking ahead, next week is the Grow Batheaston Arts Trail and I am excited to be showing work with The Bees Knees Artist Collective. More soon…