midwinter… and the sounds of the radio…

Joanna Wright – Green Party councillor came to the exhibition ‘time:make’ at the Lansdown Gallery in Stroud and asked to make a recording for Radio Bath’s programme Earth Matters.

It was midwinter before we could arrange to meet for the December programme. We spent some time one afternoon walking and then stopped in the field in a sheltered spot for some homemade cake and tea before recording for the show. We watched a buzzard, talk ranged widely and warmly. My nerves evaporated and I so enjoyed sharing that time together.

Walking at dusk around Solstice and lying in bed at night when the snow fell, I listened to the owls

Fieldfares and redwings flew in with the snow, birds of all kinds were hungry. The pink white berries on the mountain ash disappeared, fallen apples became sculptural – little bowls from creatures feasting, and goldfinches landed outside the window on the seedheads. The full cold moon appeared tremulously voluminous and it’s bright light illuminated frost and shadows at night. Blackbirds calls came clear and rich at dusk.

And now, the cusp, the new year, and the quiet lull of drawing in.